Bosh Deepens Ties With TPA

It appears Chris Bosh can’t get enough of ThePublicApology. Barely a day after signing on as the blog’s chief literary critic, Bosh has announced that he will double as the site’s very own food and wine connoisseur.

With an NBA lock-out on the horizon, the self-proclaimed “foodie” has been eager to explore “his true passion” and share with the world his culinary expertise.

“People say I came to Miami to form the ‘Big Three’ and win rings and all that… but it’s just not fair,” said Bosh in an exclusive after dropping 34 points on the Chicago Bulls in game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals yesterday.

“Anybody who knows me would know the real reason is that I am in love with Cuban food and where better than right here in South Beach.”

The 6-time NBA All-Star added: “I’m also quite partial to a solid Brazilian Churrasco. Not any old Churrasco, but you know, like one of those really authentic ones.”

Bosh’s commitment to ThePublicApology has been seen in blogging circles as a massive coup, especially since the fledgling site will not be able to pay him for both of his roles.

“Like most people trying to break into the media industry, Chris is going to have to learn how to embrace the unpaid internship,” said ThePublicApology co-editor, Mike Davis.

“Look, I know it’s going to be tough on his finances with the lock-out coming. We can’t expect that $14.5 million a year is easily going to get him through a long off-season, but Chris has said himself that great food and wine – along with a good book – are his first loves and basketball is just a ‘day job’.”

Bosh is looking forward to flying out to Sydney once the Heat’s season comes to a close. In previous off-seasons he has been spotted in some of the city’s most exclusive restaurants such as Tetsuya’s and Becasse.

“Matt Moran is a true genius,” said Bosh after a trip to the celebrity chef’s flag-ship restaurant, ARIA, in the (northern hemisphere) summer of 2009.

“Any time he wants court-side seats at the American Airlines Arena, he just has to pick up the phone.”

By Mike Davis

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  1. While most American sports-star mofos are out shooting people at nightclubs, inappropriately dealing with women and smashing drugs in the off season, it sure is refreshing to see such a well-rounded individual. Bon Appetit Master-Chef Bosh…


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