Tongues are a WAGing

The long list of public apologies by sports stars is expected to continue with revelations that former BBC and PFA Sports Player of the Year, Ryan Giggs, was involved in an affair with former UK Big Brother contestant, Imogen Thomas.

Giggs unsuccessfully attempted to legally prohibit the 75,000 or so Twitter users who had tweeted the news of his infidelity worldwide in a matter of seconds, after successfully gaining a gagging order on the official press outlets in Britain. Unfortunately for Giggs, he forgot about Scotland though. They like football there, too.

Since the news broke, the wife and mother of his children, Stacey Giggs, was reported seen leaving their multi-million dollar mansion without her wedding ring – a similar tactic used by fellow WAG, Cheryl Cole, best known, before wedding Ashley Cole, for prancing around in her underwear with UK girl group ‘Girls Aloud’.

Sir Alex Ferguson, Giggs’ manager at Manchester United, was unperturbed, telling ThePublicApology that “Giggsy has banged in plenty of free kicks in his time here, he’s conceded a bad one today, but that’s all part of the game and I know myself and the fans understand that.”

Former Man United captain and alleged philanderer David Beckham was similarly unapologetic. “Giggsy excels on the edge, beating opponents and getting it straight into the box,” Beckham explained, unaware of the double entendre he’d committed.

“It’s one of his strengths as a winger. I actually tried to base my own game on his in my younger days at Man U, before I met my Tinker Bell.” (Editor’s note: David Beckham and Victoria Beckham’s petnames for one another are Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, respectively.)

In honour of Giggs’ exploits, ThePublicApology, has assembled an unbeatable British Cheaters XI.  English football fans could only dream of their ‘Three Lions’ squad matching ours.  Click here to see the definitive squad we have assembled, based solely on [alleged] infidelity.

By Mikhail Ushakoff

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