Queensland ‘walk-out’ fans promised full refund

Thousands of Queensland Origin fans are demanding a full ticket refund after walking out of Suncorp Stadium in disgust 10 minutes early last night, fearful they might witness a rare home loss.

Approximately 2,300 fans headed straight for the car-park after Michael Jennings crossed over for NSW in the 70th minute of last night’s Origin 1, giving NSW a tantalising sniff of victory. Queensland soon scored courtesy of Billy Slater to seal the match mere minutes from full-time, but angry fans today demanded the Queensland side foot the bill for their ticket, saying they deserved better from their team.

“I paid good money to watch Queensland smash the Blues and all I ask for is to enjoy 5-8 beers while doing so, without fear that they might actually lose the game,” said ticket holder and proud Queenslander, Andrew Wilson.

“The momentary fear that I experienced is something that no Queenslander should have to go through ever again. It was fucked.”

“I’ve got a young kid, Bevan, who has never seen Queensland lose a game,” said Beryl from Mt Isa. “Like any Queensland youngster, his heroes are not the emergency service folk, Nobel Prize winners or poet laureates – they’re footy players, household names – like Ashley Harrison and Dane Nielsen.”

“So we cut and run; and I had to listen to the rest of the game on my car radio, which was a fucking joke,” she added.

Queensland officials say they are happy to pay back those supporters who left early and have apologised unreservedly for the team’s momentary lapse. “We couldn’t believe it either, fancy nearly losing to a team that is a) coached by a jerk, b) has Jason King in its forward pack and c) hasn’t won a series in over five years,” a Queensland spokesperson told ThePublicApology.

“This is the wake-up call we all needed. It won’t happen again.”

By Dave Edwards 

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  1. I thought for a moment that this was real. I have that low of an opinion of Queensland fans.


  2. Ha, fair play. But suncorp was packed, there are still loads of tickets out at your soulless stadium. Write an ironic blurt on that.


    1. Yikes, Dave P. I’d post a witty retort to your comment, but I’m afraid of losing your valuable readership, given this site is in its infancy.

      The stadium has no soul, though. You’re totally right.


      David Edwards
      Co-editor, ThePublicApology


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