Sydney pubs say Origin drink specials are ‘easy money’

NSW fans, full of false hope

Sydney publicans are set to offer impossible drink specials to cash in on deluded NSW pub-goers out watching tonight’s State of Origin clash.

ThePublicApology understands that Sydney pubs will offer myriad drink deals that are dependent upon NSW’s unlikely success in Game 2. For example, several pubs are advertising a ‘free drink’ if NSW scores the first try; ‘two for one’ deals should NSW lead at half-time; and assorted specials should NSW register an unexpected win.

Owner of Sydney pub The Duck and Hen Steve Tierney said the drink specials were a way of luring fans into pubs and “milking them for what they’re worth.”

“NSW fans get so excited once Origin rolls around that they forget how rubbish their side actually is,” he said.

“You’d think five years in a row would be enough to leave Sydney’s pubs vacant this Wednesday night, but we’re expecting all the idiots to come out and barrack for a team that, in our opinion, has no chance of winning.”

“Should NSW score the first try, blokes will be so full of excitement and false hope that they’ll be shouting their mates drinks right to the final siren, and beyond. It’s a no-brainer for us; it’s just good business sense.”

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission admitted it was powerless to stop pubs exploiting this loop-hole, with a spokesperson saying “it’s up to NSW fans to decide whether they’re stupid enough to take the bait.”

By Dave Edwards 

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