Man bashed for wearing a blue tie on Origin day

The man suffered horrific facial injuries

A Queensland man who accidentally wore a blue tie to work is recovering in hospital after he was mercilessly bashed by parochial Origin fans last night.

The man was assaulted at around 10:45pm at Brisbane’s famous Caxton Hotel by a group of angry, discerning Queensland rugby league fans, who set upon the man for his clothing faux-pas. The victim was immediately rushed to the Princess Alexandria hospital where he received treatment for a fractured eye socket, concussion, and severe lacerations to his face and arms.

While the 28-year-old Sunnybank man cannot be named, he spoke exclusively with ThePublicApology from his hospital bed this morning. He appeared dismayed at the extent of his injuries, but accepted full responsibility for the previous night’s events.

“I guess I just didn’t think before choosing a blue tie yesterday morning,” the victim said.

“It wasn’t until I arrived at work and people started questioning my sexuality that I remembered Origin was on.”

“But I would have done the same thing if I was in [the alleged attackers’] position,” he admitted.

Queensland police have expressed no sympathy for the man, admitting that while the attack was incredibly brutal, they were nonetheless baffled by the victim’s lack of common sense in wearing a blue tie on Origin II game day. Chief Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson said that all Queenslanders should take note of the incident and carefully consider their outfits to avoid what the department has termed ‘violent Origin xenophobia’.

“We advise that all white-collar workers set out their clothes the night before an Origin match to avoid any possible altercations at work or at the pub after the game – we specifically  recommend a red tie with a white long-sleeved shirt,” he added.

“But the greatest tragedy is that the victim in this case was actually a Queensland supporter, and had he only dressed appropriately, he could have been drinking heavily and verbally abusing New South Welshmen or other minority groups.”

Queensland police have laid no charges over the incident.

By Hugh Holden 

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