Watson devastated by tour diary leak

Newly appointed test vice-captain Shane Watson is livid that excerpts from his 2011 Tour Diary have been leaked to the public without his permission.

Watson told ThePublicApology that he felt “let down” by the team official who decided to leak the contents of the diary to the media.

“I know Steve Waugh released his South African Tour Diary to commercial success back in the 90s, kicking off the trend of cricketers divulging tour secrets and insights – but my diary was for personal use only,” Watson whinged.

“You can’t just assume that every cricketing diary is a solid, chronological account of an international cricket tour from a captain’s perspective. Some of us have personal diaries – and there’s some really confidential stuff in there. Stuff about getting to second base, losing your virginity – you know, private stuff!”

A closer look at Watson’s diary – a lengthy document which dates back to 2002 – reveals a string of high-school crushes (including a string of hearts with arrows through them), random Backstreet Boys lyrics and several frustrated adolescent-like rants on ‘how much I hate Dad!!’

Further excerpts from the leaked document

In addition, a number of resentful comments were directed at Michael Clarke, with one night out at a Bangalore nightclub in 2007 leading Watson to scrawl this the following morning: “OMFG, Pup is such a slut!!!! Srsly can’t believe he went home with that girl, she was totally fugly… FML.” Further back, Watson recounts his limited dalliances with alcohol and cigarettes, describing the latter as “yukky, Bolly [Doug Bollinger] made me try 1 and it tasted gross, ewwww :(”

The insider responsible for the leak was unrepentant, telling ThePublicApology that any cricketer’s tour diary was “fair game.”

“They’ve all released a diary at some stage – first it was ‘Tugga’, then Punter had a go at it – so you can’t blame me for thinking it was in the public’s interest,” he said.

By Dave Edwards

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  1. Oh my God, I can’t believe you just published my inner-most secrets!!! Don’t you know how protective we (cricketers) get over our diaries!!!

    *runs off to room, sobbing*


  2. Watson is a faaa g, I’m suprised his diary wasn’t full of peni’ drawings ala superbad

    – “in and around your mouth”


  3. The guy was roided up, that’s how young blokes have heart attacks. Bad example for kids out there lookin to get ‘shredded. He is fairgame… but your right im probably just a prick


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