Betting agency releases odds for Mad Monday

It’s Mad Monday – and punters are licking their lips and looking to cash in on many lucrative, exotic betting options.

Leading betting agency SportingPunt is offering $1.02 – incredibly short odds – for a “generic drunken incident” in the NRL; the firm has put up slightly higher odds – $1.86 – for a similar misdemeanour involving an AFL player.

The agency is also presenting some great numbers on sexual assaults this year. The smart money could be on a rape this year – successful punters will get back $5 for every dollar put on a non-consensual sex act involving NRL players; slightly lower odds for the AFL – $4 – given the recent spate of allegations embroiling the code.

A lewd phone call will attract $6.06 – slightly higher odds for a controversial comment on Twitter. Smart punters will be looking at multi-bets involving phone calls and taxi drivers; SportingPunt will doll out $12 to those that back a sexist phone call being made from the backseat of a cab – which jumps to $18 if the call is made before 6pm AEST.

Plenty of exotic Mad Monday betting options centre around taxis

A simple act of violence is at almost unbackable odds ($1.04) – and ThePublicApology understands the firm is considering withdrawing a “standard punch-up” as a betting option. However, punters are still able to place exotic bets on fight locations. A fight at a cab rank will land you $6 to your dollar; a brawl in Kings Cross is marked at $3.06; and a fight that involves shards of broken glass protruding an innocent bystander, resulting in multiple stitches and an impending court case is at the juicy odds of $26.

SportingPunt CEO Mike Goldwitz told ThePublicApology that while the NRL had banned “exotic bets” from its competition rounds in a bid to claw back some integrity after the recent betting scandal, there was nothing to stop betting agencies from offering such options for Mad Monday events.

“You can’t bet on Corey Parker slotting the first penalty goal this weekend against the Warriors, but you can take a punt on Greg Bird putting his fist through a cabbie’s passenger window outside Shooters this evening,” he said.

Goldwitz added that a mystery punter had placed a $30,000 bet on a replication of last year’s incident involving Joel Monaghan, in which the former Raider was snapped enjoying fellatio performed by an exuberant Labrador.

By Dave Edwards

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