Sure of result, Bears fan leaves game early

A confident Chicago Bears fan left Soldier Field before the end of the third-quarter after backing his side to hold off Minnesota in Sunday night’s much-anticipated NFL match-up. His gamble later paid off when he heard about the 39-10 thrashing on the radio while driving home.

But the fan, Bill Trott, 34, of Lake Forest, Illinois, acknowledged that it was a risky move – and one he might have lived to regret.

“Thoughts were going through my mind the whole way home,” Trott told ThePublicApology from his Lake Forest home.

“Mostly what-ifs, you know? What if the result changed? What if I miss great touchdown? What if I miss a sissy Minnesota lineman getting crippled? What if I drink a few more beers and life all of a sudden doesn’t seem so bad? Things like that.”

Bears fans usually stay until the end of the fourth quarter

Trott cited car security and the long drive home as the main factors behind his decision to leave the ground early.

“Yeah, I had trouble finding a park when I arrived for the game, and when I did, it was in a pretty dodgy neighbourhood, lots of coloured folk, you know, that sort of thing.”

Trott’s other main driver was the number of boring household errands that he had neglected over the weekend.

“I had to take out the garbage. Clean up the kitchen a little. Organise some papers. And I also had to decide what I would wear to work tomorrow.”

Trott also later revealed that he had an important 8:30am meeting to consider.”

Meanwhile, the Bears’ thumping victory over a clearly dejected Vikings team saw many Bears’ fans take to twitter to register their pleasure with the home team’s performance.

“Go Bears!!!” read one of the most inspired tweets.

In other NFL news, the thrilling game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Detroit Lions ended in controversy when 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh sparked a fight by strongly shaking Lions coach Jim Schwartz’s hand, and then slapping him on the back.

The limp-wristed backslap was viewed as effeminate

Schwartz took exception to Harbaugh’s dodgy handshake and the pair got into a scuffle. Players and officials manage to separate the clearly fuming coaches soon after, but not before Schwartz sustained a broken fingernail in the melee.

Speaking after the 25-19 victory over the Lions, coach Harbaugh apologised for the wussy slap.

“I wanted to punch him in the face. But what happened was… I slapped him like a girl instead. I apologise unreservedly to the entire San Francisco organisation and to the city itself,” he told ThePublicApology.

“The Bay area isn’t known – and will never be known – for its limp-wrists.”

By Nick Gordon

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