Stripper shortage behind Ravens-Redskins rift

New York Jet star Bart Scott has divulged the reason behind why he left Baltimore three years ago – in turn explaining the fierce, unlikely rivalry between the Ravens and their neighbours, the Washington Redskins.

Speaking on The Michael Kay Show on ESPN radio, Scott elaborated on why the Ravens-Redskins relationship was so acrimonious. “Like I said, when I was in Baltimore, I could remember with the Redskins, you had guys fighting over strippers and all kinds of stuff,” he said.

But it appears that unlike the DC-Baltimore area, New York has ample numbers of strippers, thus taking a lot of heat out of the cross-town rivalry between the Jets and the Giants.

“I don’t sense that here. I think it is a mutual respect. I think the town is big enough for both of us,” Scott added.

When pressed by reporters about the apparent stripper shortage, Ravens and Redskins players refused to comment. However, a Redskins insider, talking to ThePublicApology anonymously, did elaborate on the problem.

“I just don’t know what it is about DC. You’d think with all the politicians and lobbyists, there would be strippers everywhere. But we are always faced with shortages, especially with two NFL franchises in the area. Not to mention two baseball teams, a hockey team and a soccer team.”

Meanwhile, officials from Washington and Baltimore were quick to distance themselves from Bart’s comments. Vincent C Gray, mayor of DC, was one of the first politicians to assure locals and visitors that the nation’s capital enjoys healthy numbers of strippers. “I’m committed, as always, to improving this great city. And that means having plenty of strippers and, just as importantly, clubs in which they can perform in. This is not just about NFL players. This about the future success of this proud city,” he told reporters during a press conference outside a DC strip club.

Gray's pro-stripper policy firmed his stance in the polls

But in New York, Bart’s comments were welcomed by area officials and tourism operators.

“New York is the greatest city in the world. We have two fine NFL franchises and we’ve got some of the finest strippers in the business,” Mayor Bloomberg said at a press conference.

And Australia’s Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd was also quick to associate himself with Mayor Bloomberg’s comments. Rudd enjoyed a night at the notorious Scores strip club in Manhattan prior to his election as prime minister.

“Look folks, I went to Scores. And I had a great time. The alliance between Australia and the United States remains stronger than ever. And now, folks, I’ve got to zip,” he said during a brief stopover in Australia.

Rudd looking pensive pre-lap dance

By Nick Gordon

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