Scobee blames deer burgers for bizarre Twitter tirade

Jacksonville kicker Josh Scobee has landed himself in hot water following a derogatory Twitter rant directed at Eagles’ wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

After calling Jackson a ‘punk’ and using the hashtag ‘#growuputinybastard’, Scobee was later forced to apologise for his rant. Following his volte-face, the Jag’s kicker revealed that the incident started because he was feeling unwell after consuming several deer burgers.

The offending burger

The saga began when Jackson made a stunning 50-yard reception during the Sunday night clash between Philadelphia and New York. Following the play, Jackson, while running out-of-bounds, tossed the football at Giants’ players and taunted them with several offensive statements.

Sources within the Giants have told ThePublicApology that Jackson said words to the effect of “Hey, how do you like that one, fat asses?” Other onlookers have confirmed Jackson followed with the bizarre statement, “stick that up your big apples.”

Jackson was immediately penalised for taunting, and the 50-yard reception was nullified by an offsetting penalty committed by the Giants during the same play – meaning that down had to be replayed.

Jackson, prone to mixed metaphors

Watching the game from his Jacksonville trailer, Josh Scobee was quick to register his disgust with Jackson’s tactics, “Desean Jackson is a punk. #growuputinybastard.”

Seconds later Scobee justified the comment to his legions of followers: “Relax people. He’s just a punk, which to me means he doesn’t respect anyone or anything around him. Therefore, I don’t respect him.”

After checking his Twitter feed from the sideline, Jackson countered Scobee’s invective in trademark style: “This man @joshscobee is Waaaaaaay outta Line!!, Stick to ya Own business.. Mind ya own!! I don’t respect what u sayin.. Lil Boi status.”

Later, a humble Scobee tweeted, “Shouldn’t have called Desean Jackson that. I used the wrong words to try and make my point.” The kicker then revealed the source of his dark mood, which apparently led to the outburst, “Just enjoyed some deer burgers off the grill.”

Straight outta the abbatoir...

Several Jacksonville-area butchers contacted by the ThePublicApology refused to comment as to whether they were the source of the dodgy venison. One insider who did speak candidly revealed that “yep, there has been some roadkill going around.”

“Normally nobody cares; people who buy that grade of meat usually do so to feed it to animals. Although, I have heard that some lowly-ranked NFL kickers buy it from time to time.”

Jaguar’s coach Jack Del Rio said that Scobee is unlikely to face disciplinary action over the Twitter incident. However NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said that the league will launch an investigation into the use of popular social networking sites such as Twitter by kickers, punters and place holders.

“I just cannot believe that anybody would want to know what they think,” said Goodell.

By Nick Gordon

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