Hussey Braves Sketchy St Vincent Bus Trip, Blasts Local Infrastructure

Test aspirant David Hussey has spoken out on the harrowing bus ride he was forced to take to training in St Vincent ahead of Friday’s opening ODI against the West Indies. And the veteran batsman has launched a bewildering offensive against the tiny Caribbean island, accusing its government of neglecting the need for road infrastructure upgrades over the past three decades.

Hussey and a number of non-playing staff members were picked up from their 5-star hotel and whisked away in a postage stamp-sized van on their way to the Arnos Vale Cricket Ground. The Victorian was reportedly champing at his fingernails for the entire 30 minute commute, nervous the tiny vehicle would topple off one of the treacherous, cliff-hugging narrow roads.

“I was a bit scared, to be honest. Growing up in [affluent Melbourne suburb] Prahran, the worst I’ve ever had to deal with in my cricketing career was the annual Saturday pilgrimage up to Northcote [cricket club] via Punt Rd. The traffic there is a fucking indictment on former Labor state governments and their lack of foresight, ” Hussey raged to The Public Apology.

Unlike most white Westerners, Hussey has no desire to conquer treacherous roads in developing countries

“But I’ve never taken a long-haul bus to Machu Picchu or braved Bolivia’s infamous ‘Death Road’, so this was a bit of a fucking eye-opener for me in terms of international travel – and the risks that come with being an elite cricketer. To be honest, I’m not sure I want to be a part of it!”

“I don’t give a fuck what Steve Waugh said. A Baggy Green’s not worth dying for.”

BASELESS ATTACK: Hussey went on to lambast the St Vincent and Grenadines authorities for failing to build a safe network of roads over the past three decades, ever since St Vincent was declared an independent country in 1979. The Public Apology turned the tape recorder off when the 34-year-old launched into an incongruous attack on the country’s constitutional framework and welfare system.

The island was accused of coasting on its natural beauty

In response to Hussey’s senseless diatribe, a spokesperson for the St Vincent and Grenadines government provided The Public Apology with a written statement. “The area on the western side from Fancy to Chateaubelair is extremely rocky, and the roughness of the terrain has prevented the completion of the road network around the island. A series of feeder roads were built from the coastal area inland to facilitate the movement of agricultural products to the markets and to serve numerous inland communities,” the spokesperson explained.

“But more specifically, who gives a fuck about what some battler from Melbourne’s eastern suburbs who’s played a handful of one-day-internationals has to say about our road infrastructure and constitutional monarchy.”

“Has he even played a test match? No? Well fuck me.”

By Dave Edwards

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  1. Greetings. Hussey needs to issue the Government and People of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and by extension the people of the Caribbean for this statement.

    He has no idea what it is like in the region with very little natural resources.

    Additionally he has no idea of the governmental structure, and has wrongly the ralph gonsalzes government.

    he should apologise or be kicked off forthwith


  2. I agree wholeheartedly, Mr Henry. Perhaps, as a native West Indian, you can alert the authorities to Hussey’s ignorance. The Public Apology would be delighted to see a greater sense of political awareness within the Australian cricket team.

    Disturbingly, this follows a recent poll which showed that just 30% of contracted Cricket Australia players could accurately say how many Senators sit in Australia’s Upper House (for reference, the answer is 76: 12 from each state and two from the territories).


    Dave Edwards
    Chief Editor, The Public Apology


  3. tell hussie to fuck off what de hell he knw about dominica he is not de best cricketer in de world we will not miss him go to hell, you want to bring down my country


  4. Tell the racist motherfucker go back to austrailia then!!!!! Im sure they got more dirt roads than we do!!!! And i know the road to the hotel isnt as bad as he’s making it out to be… Fuck you hussie!!!!!


  5. Who the hell does he think he is no one begging him to be here get your ass on a plane and leave. You don’t leave your country to come run down mines. Your country was settled by criminals, don’t forget that they were sent there by the British those are your fore father who continue to wrong the original natives of Australia deal with that. Leave my country alone Mr we are proud of our home we call it land of the bless you are from somewhere down under. You put of place


  6. David Hussey is an ignorant, uncouth ass! Listen David, its not our fault that you are a mediocre cricketer whom your teammates did not deem fit for their international squad. Take your issues to a shrink..dont take it out on us.


  7. This is just another example of what some white upper and or middle class persons who happened to be born into the lap of luxury and never venture out into the real world and encounter people of different circumstances.

    One would think that this Horses’ ass would take the opportunity and learn about the people, culture , govt etc and then use his imaginary powers to assist.

    But no – in typical classist style this mofo dissed an entire country and the surrounding Caribbean.

    Tell Horse’s ass that the Caribbean sure doesn’t need him.


  8. Please! send him packing, who need People like him. Who I believe do not have any knowledge about the Island in the West Indies. Who the hell he think he is, to criticize our government. Mr Gonslaves pleas do not let him into our gems of lovely island.


  9. Now that I have read this, I recognize that Dave is a foulmouthed wanna be Politician. I hope that Mike is not like him


  10. That photo with the buses is not even St Vincent. Seems as though the guy looking for fame by making up stories. I am from St V, and what he described there is foreign to me.


  11. what are these people try to even say St. Vincent and the Grenadines do not have good road. that is so incorrect. First of all, that picture above is not even ST. Vincent and the grenadines. Second ST. Vincent do not use those kind of trucks that I am seeing in this picture and the road is not in St. Vincent. If David Hussey 6 lane high way let him go back to his country. St. Vincent is a small volcanic Island with lot of high hills. It sad that men like there that should be wiser then that will make such a statement. Do he think that every way in the world he goes he will find a 6 or 8 lane highway. I am sure where he is from that they have rod that is even unpaved. I will have to classified David Hussey as a very ignorant man.


  12. Believe you me, Queenslanders would not stand for this type of racism! I hope this sand groper/ mexican gets his comeuppance by having to watch his brother bat for an entire session.


  13. David hussey as you well know i think come to think of you might of missed it. Let me make it clear to you, your country is made up of convicts and as far as i am aware they don’t mind what kind of roads or transport they escapes on so sit your ass down enjoy the scenery and shut to fuck up.


  14. Good work people, when some one criticizes you just shout ‘racist’. Clearly anyone who thinks that the roads in St Vincent are shockingly bad and the government incapable of doing anything about it must be racist.

    Every one of those islands (St Vincent included) are too small to be independent, they have no natural resources, little local talent, and since independence have just become slums. If it wasn’t for the drug trade, they’d have collapsed years ago.

    Hussey is spot on, although he could have been a little more diplomatic in his approach. however after trying to read the comments here, perhaps his simplistic and expletive laden approach is the best way to communicate with people who appear to have lost even the most basic English language skills. It seems infrastructure wasn’t the only casualty of independence.


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