TPA vs The Sporting Regard: Battle of the Intellectual Lightweights

On behalf of The Public Apology, I am pleased to announce that this website will be partaking in a series of lighthearted (yet critically important) sporting debates with sister publication The Sporting Regard.

The Regard is headed up by chief editor and founder, Sam Perry. Perry, like this author, is a keen proponent of “old school” sporting culture. I have had the pleasure of co-hosting a radio show with him in a past life (the cult-classic sports/comedy, The Watchdogs, later unnecessarily re-branded as Grassroots and Footyboots) and have witnessed many of his on-field achievements during his days as a grade cricketer of some distinction. Fellow TSR scribe, Ben Shine, is also an excellent sporting analyst and wordsmith… and the debate invitation extends to Shine along with Perry, should he choose to accept it.

While the list of topics is yet to be established, both websites will aim to create a labored dichotomy in regards to each issue. That is, each writer will take a diametrically opposed viewpoint to his counterpart and run hard with it – like Campo off a Michael Lynagh Mark Ella cut-out. The content will be likely be cerebral and tangential, so be prepared for that. It will also likely involve myriad references to obscure 1990s rugby league players and fringe Socceroos (during the Terry Venables era).

I don’t want to downplay how vitally important this debate series will be to Australia’s general sporting discourse. If you have any interest in the future of sport in this country,  you should keep a keen eye on both the TPA and TSR homepages for further updates.

Yours in sport,

Dave Edwards, The Public Apology chief editor and founder

 * Ed: This debate never happened. However, TPA has since acquired TSR in deal funded wholly by BitCoin currency.



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