March 2013

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The thrilling end to a drawn test match between New Zealand and England has left one young boy completely dumbstruck as to what all the fuss is about. The third test match in Auckland came right down to the final ball on the fifth day, with England holding on with one wicket to spare to…

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So I’m just here to let you know that Tiger Woods is apparently dating some Olympic skier named Lindsey Vonn and everything is suddenly OK in this cynical, confusing and frightening world we all live in. The couple updated their Facebook relationship statuses simultaneously from single to “in a relationship with Tiger Woods/Lindsey Vonn, which…

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To my pleasure, I’ve just discovered that there is actually a genre of fiction out there known as “rugby league romance.” Here is a brief taste of Donna Gallagher’s latest offering: League of Love: Laura’s Light. They may be rugged gladiators of the modern world, playing the sometimes brutal sport of Rugby League, but-just like…

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