So People Are Making Rugby League Romance Novels

To my pleasure, I’ve just discovered that there is actually a genre of fiction out there known as “rugby league romance.”

Here is a brief taste of Donna Gallagher’s latest offering: League of Love: Laura’s Light.

They may be rugged gladiators of the modern world, playing the sometimes brutal sport of Rugby League, but-just like the gladiators of old-they are loyal and noble men. They are the stars of the Jets Rugby League team, loyal men who lead by their actions, not just words. Men who show love and respect, standing together as one to protect those they care about. And for the women they love, no desire is left unfilled. The men and women of the Jets live and love with passion and pride.

Steamy, provocative, unnecessary…

While the NRL elite are busy embarking upon drinking sessions with the Epic Bender Crew, peptide abuse, salary cap breaches and defecating in public, their wives and girlfriends have their own story to tell about life in the shadows. And it’s a story that has long gone untold – until now.

Described by author Christos Tsiolkas as “Fifty Shades of Grey meets Roy Masters,” Gallagher’s book proves once and for all that nothing that stirs the female loins quite like a Newtown Jets rugby league player.*

Available at the Amazon store for $6.74 (Kindle version).

By Dave Edwards

* Please don’t mistake this for a legitimate book review. If you have, you’re a lost cause.

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