To The TPA Readership…

Dear readers,

Apologies for personally not having updated this blog for some time. I know you’ve been missing my semi-regular ironic musings on sport, despite the content having become increasingly less about sport and more about whatever topic manages to elicit enough bile  from within me to hastily pen an ill-reasoned opinion piece. Peter FitzSimons, for example.

But I pledge to have a batch of fresh articles up over the next couple of weeks for you to feast your insatiable, free-loading eyes upon. After all, the NBA playoffs are here and that’s always an entertaining lark, while we are edging closer to the Ashes series in England – and I’ve already ghost-written an article on how Dave Warner accidentally stumbles into an embarrassing ‘cottaging‘ scenario while sight-seeing in South London after a 5-0 series loss.

Then there’s rugby league and AFL to think about… and don’t think I’ve matured enough to stop writing about the stupid off-field drunken/group sex-oriented dramas those blokes get themselves into on a (literal) weekly basis, because I haven’t.

So sit tight in your office cubicles, CityRail trains, or where-ever you may be while reading this, and rest assured that The Public Apology, as you know it, still exists.

Yours sincerely,

Dave Edwards, The Public Apology chief editor and founder

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