We’re Back…

I’ll admit, The Public Apology was on an indefinite hiatus for a while there.

You might have heard that term before, indefinite hiatus. It basically means that a collective of artists (often a band) has lost their creative mojo, but (so as to lessen the blow to die-hard fans) instead decide to keep the door ajar just in case they decide to produce something original again.

We, the editorial team at The Public Apology, admit to suffering from this terrible affliction. Sport is a form of escapism for many – and sometimes the last thing you want to do is write about it; to intellectualise it. Sometimes you just want to sit back and enjoy it, mindlessly, like a (pre-2006) Adam Sandler movie.

Also, we had shit on. Life shit. Sitting down in front of a keyboard takes commitment and energy, of which this particular writer had none. Sport seemed meaningless… and sporting personalities seemed to lack charisma and individuality. There’s also the fact that I, as founder and publisher of The Public Apology, steadfastly refuse to provide my writers with any form of remuneration.

Now I won’t pretend that these issues have abated entirely – or that this will not be the last TPA article ever – but I’m willing to once again engage – if you, the reader, will indulge me – in what this website has built its reputation upon: sarcastic, satirical banter with mild, occasional references to current sporting issues.

These articles may at times be insightful; at times, they may resemble tepid, directionless bile – we cannot be sure yet. But we will endeavour to provide you, the sporting consumer, with the best, most committed* coverage of sport that can be accessed for free on the internet.

Let the stream of half-baked witticisms and poorly researched content begin.

Dave Edwards

* Article consistency and content will be wholly dependent on levels of spare time/degree of ennui.

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