A Message From The Founder of TPA

Dear readers,

I have always seen The Public Apology as more than just a self-indulgent hobby-horse.

In this uncertain media landscape, content is – and will always remain – king. And while the shift from print to online has forced many esteemed publications to close their doors over the past few years – with ‘changing business models’ often fingered as the root cause – I’m of the opinion that several of these tragic endings could have been avoided.

Why, you may ask? Well, many of these publications failed not due to falling advertising revenues, as the world moved away from broadsheet journalism and towards the free online stuff. They failed because they failed to treat content as king.

And they failed to treat you, the sporting consumer, as royalty.

We will not fall victim to this folly. For I believe that the only way that a publication can ensure lasting success is through the dedicated provision of thoughtful, tailored content for the thinking consumer. And some funny stuff, too.

And that is exactly why The Public Apology has taken the opportunity to acquire well-respected, niche sports website, The Sporting Regard*

 This is a merger that will ensure both our futures amid this constantly consolidating media ecosystem, while providing you, the reader, with the best and most obscure sports opinion this country has to offer. I won’t bore you with the details of the transaction, other than to to say the synergies, both from a commercial and editorial perspective, are boundless.

Our shared vision is to be the preeminent sports opinion website in the country, perhaps even the wider APAC region. And while we will continue to leverage domestic and global opportunities – seeking to grow both organically and inorganically – we will never fail to serve our loyal, existing subscribers with quality, locally produced content.

We have a huge vision here at The Public Apology. It’s bold. And we’d like to take you on this journey with us.


Dave Edwards

*Click here to read a statement from TSR founder Sam Perry


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