NFL Super Bowl XLVIII: ‘This Time It’s About The Football’

It’s Super Bowl Monday here in Australia – that one day a year where male white collar workers exercise their right to a day of annual leave in order to take in the Greatest Sporting Spectacle the world has to offer.

Usually, there is an obvious narrative to arch the Super Bowl around.  A story of good vs evil, perhaps. An underdog vs the obvious favourite. Etcetera.

Last year we had Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens, which provided us with the fairytale story that sporting dreams are made of. America: the place where an athlete can brush off a murder charge and gain the adoration of an entire nation.

This year, we have the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks. Both teams topped their respective conferences. There are no human interest stories to speak of. This Time It’s About The Football.

What is a Super Bowl without intrigue and drama? Without a human interest story, where an athlete – or organisation – has overcome huge hurdles just to make it to the big stage?

The game will be played at a cold weather outdoor venue for the first time in ages. Usually, the event is held in a “warm party town” like New Orleans, or Miami – so that’s something, I guess. Both teams come from two progressive US states – Colorado and Washington – which have both recently passed legislation to legalise marijuana. But that’s about it, as far as obscure talking points go.

The game will likely – as it always does – come down to the quarterbacks. Peyton Manning of the Broncos is a legend of the game; an institution as far as the NFL is concerned. He will take on Seattle’s Russell Wilson – the polar opposite player to Manning. A mixed-race, 5’11” scrambling speedster; a rising star to Manning’s fading one – and indicative of the new wave of running QBs.

The Public Apology is not known for its NFL knowledge, but if pressed, will tip Denver over Seattle. It’s the Manning Factor; his experience should get the Broncos home in a tight one.

Broncos by 7.

By Dave Edwards with Mike Davis

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