February 2014

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There’s something inherently endearing about an old-timer cutting it in a young man’s world. We all had that one mature-age student in our class at university. Well, us Arts graduates did, at least. The grey-haired 60-year-old who’s decided to dip their toe back in the murky waters of tertiary education. Generally, they will be the…

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It’s Super Bowl Monday here in Australia – that one day a year where male white collar workers exercise their right to a day of annual leave in order to take in the Greatest Sporting Spectacle the world has to offer. Usually, there is an obvious narrative to arch the Super Bowl around.  A story…

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1969 was a watershed year. Richard Nixon became President of the USA, man landed on the moon and schoolboys the world over giggled every time they wrote down the date. It was also the year Rupert Murdoch purchased the News of the World. It wasn’t all plain sailing for Rupert at the beginning. Before he became…

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