March 2014

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The Public Apology has moved to allay fears that the media company is facing financial turmoil following the dramatic price slump in virtual Bitcoin currency. The Public Apology purchased obscure sports media website The Sporting Regard earlier this year in a deal done entirely in Bitcoin currency. The sale price was never made public. Since…

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Here at The Public Apology* we unashamedly regard the 1980s as the halcyon days for professional sport (the early 1990s weren’t too bad either, mind you). In fact, one of our core beliefs, as described in our unofficial Code of Ethics, is that “nothing will ever be as good as sport during this period because that’s when we grew…

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The Public Apology presents a new series in which we apologise for various athletes who have brought the game into disrepute through dickhead-ish behaviour. In this first installment, Al McClintock targets Australian cricketer and perennial headline-grabber, David Warner… There is a lot to like about the David Warner story. Battler come good. The ‘slogger’ proving the…

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