Geoff Huegill’s Drug Arrest at Odds with Tired Cliché that Marriage is No Fun

Geoff Huegill’s arrest for allegedly being caught in possession of cocaine demonstrates that men can get married and still live out the hard-partying halcyon days of their mid-20s, according to a prominent Sydney psychologist.

Huegill and wife Sara were approached by police while in a suite at Randwick Racecourse grandstand on Saturday, with the couple allegedly found in possession of a small quantity of white powder.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that uniformed and undercover police had concentrated their sting on the exclusive members area known as The Stables. At this venue, entire Sydney waterfront estates have been known to disappear up patrons’ noses within minutes, according to one insider.

RMIT academic and psychologist, Reginald L. Schwillinger, told The Public Apology that Huegill’s arrest will be viewed positively by men who have reluctantly entered into common law marriage due to sustained pressure from their partners.

“A lot of people talk about how when men enter into marriage, they basically agree to sort themselves out, give up the benders and to settle down with the woman they love for a life time of dedicated monogamy,” the 64-year-old said.

“It’s an outdated and somewhat sexist stereotype that men only get married because “they have to,” whereas for women it’s the fulfilment of a life-long dream that stems back to reading stories about princesses in their childhood.”

"A tired cliche..."
“A tired cliche…”

“But here, we see that Huegill’s wife clearly [allegedly] loves getting on a bit of gear – and that’s got to be great for their relationship that they’re both on that same level.”

Schwillinger said that, drugs aside, it’s a sign of a healthy relationship that the 2010 Commonwealth gold medal winner and his wife are able to go out and have fun together.

“A lot of couples run in different circles, ostensibly living separate lives, and I honestly think that there’s nothing more beautiful than brokering a drug deal with your loved one before railing up together in a Randwick Racecourse cubicle,” he said.

“Also, have you ever tried sex in a cubicle while high on coke? Bellissimo.” 

By Dave Edwards

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