Socceroos Arrive At Brasil World Cup ‘Unfashionably Early’

The Socceroos are the first team to land in Brasil for the 2014 World Cup, with an etiquette expert slamming the arrival as “unfashionably early.”

Meryl McNamara, 82, said that the Socceroos decision to arrive well before the party has truly started was a “bad look.” However, she said that the team could make up for it by helping Brasil get ready for the event.

“In situations where a guest has arrived early to a party, it is polite to pitch in with a range of small tasks in order to help out the host – who is likely preoccupied with other things,” she said.

“For example, they could light candles, open the wine, toss the salad – that kind of thing.”

The etiquette expert added that the young Australians could open the door for other early arriving guests. “They can pour wine, dig in to appetizers, and keep each other entertained for a few minutes,” she suggested.

“Anyway, the fiesta won’t really get started until the big names like Spain, Argentina, Germany and Portugal get here. That’s when we’ll all start doing body shots and shagging each other in the bushes, high on sangria and life.”

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