May 2014

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Much like Greg Matthews, whose predilection for bowling flighty, flamboyant off-spinners from around the wicket with his hat on earned him unofficial ‘rare unit’ status within the Australian cricket set-up, AFL is an idiosyncratic and complex beast. As such, The Public Apology founder Dave Edwards is here to guide you through the various obscurities that…

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When it comes to on-field sledging, today’s athletes are favouring homophobic and racist insults over the highbrow witticisms of yesteryear. The Public Apology’s Dave Edwards argues that this shift is symptomatic of a society in decay… The “what goes on the field stays on the field” creed is one of the cornerstones of both amateur…

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Reporting from a public school playground in Sydney’s inner-west suburbs, The Public Apology senior editor Sam Perry looks at the rise of conceptual sports mascots and the impact that this marketing strategy is having on today’s generation. Youth marketing gurus are leaving no stone unturned in the quest for the sporting dollar, with industry focus now…

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