June 2014

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A recent spike in interactions on The Public Apology Facebook page is pretty much reflective of society’s intellectual malaise, according to founder Dave Edwards. Nate Silver’s analytics blog, fivethirtyeight.com, reported that 95% of TPA Facebook followers do not interact with the actual website – just the fan page itself. The Public Apology’s core business is…

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The internet. On the face of it, it’s this wonderful technological achievement that will endlessly astound you, much the same way one might try to fathom the boundlessness of an ever expanding, eternal universe. My phone can tell me the barometric pressure in Eastern Mongolia in 0.016 of a second, which is a million times…

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The FIFA World Cup has captured the imagination of Australians, and rightfully so. It’s a wonderful show; a real must-see. But as with any stage spectacle, once the show leaves town, all that is left are the memories. And with time, those memories will fade gracefully away, like a 90’s summer romance at a New…

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