TPA Strikes Historic MoU With Online Takeaway Food Delivery Firm

Australia’s favourite contrarian, absurdist sports opinion platform The Public Apology has reportedly struck a historic cross-promotional agreement with the country’s second favourite online takeaway delivery service, Delivery Hero.

The Public Apology founder Dave Edwards said the bilateral agreement will represent the multimedia platform’s first foray into paid content.

“As part of this Memorandum of Understanding, The Public Apology will feature exclusive content that actively seeks to promote the services offered by Delivery Hero under a vague guise of ‘sports opinion’ articles,” Mr Edwards said.

“In return, we hope The Public Apology will receive access to reduced, or perhaps even free, takeaway food.”

“As long-standing fans of Thai cuisine, we couldn’t in any conscience deny the opportunity of accessing Tom Yum soup on-tap.”

“We don’t like to use the term advertorial. We prefer to call it food for favours,” he added.

Mr Edwards said The Public Apology was always looking to leverage its audience to secure deals with corporations.

TPA and Delivery Hero sealing the MoU with a firm handshake
TPA and Delivery Hero sealing the MoU with a firm handshake

“We had looked into partnering with Menu Log, but it was Delivery Hero who approached us first – and like a 17-year-old virgin with confidence issues, I am a sucker for a lover who takes the initiative,” Mr Edwards said.

“The deal also presented some interesting synergies, with Delivery Hero customers sharing the common human need as our own readers to consume food, as well as an inherent propensity for laziness,” he said.

For his part, Delivery Hero CEO Steve Sanders welcomed the partnership.

“To be honest we email bombed a couple of hundreds microblogs we found through WordPress in order to gain some more publicity for our company,” he said.

“We didn’t expect to get many takers, but we were taken aback by The Public Apology’s forthrightness and eagerness.”

“I don’t understand their articles, but someone out there must find them funny or informative, so I guess we may get a few more customers through it,” he added.

By Ben Shine

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