SCG Bar Queue Conversation Blossoms Into Unlikely Friendship

A forced conversation between two strangers queuing up for beers at a sporting fixture looks like blossoming into a genuine friendship, The Public Apology can report.

The conversation, which took place between two men in the SCG Members Bar, started off well enough with a couple of obligatory comments about the game.

As the line progressed, the two men, both in their 30s, suddenly found themselves chatting about recent renovations to the Bradman Stand (both agreeing this was a “good thing”) before touching on the SCG Trust’s proposed membership price hike (a “bad thing”).

“It’s common courtesy to strike up a generic, superficial chat with the bloke next to you in line for a beer – say g’day, mention the score, get your beer and fuck off, you know, that kind of thing – but these guys really had something,” one onlooker told TPA.

Upon collecting their beers, the two fellows walked over to a table and drank together while watching the game.

As they chatted, it emerged that, incredibly, they both work in financial services, which gave way to a lengthy – but good-natured – bout of one-upmanship.

Later, in an incredible twist of fate, it turned out that the two men’s wives actually go to Pilates together! Both were seen shaking their heads in amusement at this amazing coincidence, which surely never happens in a city like Sydney.

The men later exchanged phone numbers so that they can hopefully attend future games together, according to onlookers.

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