Man Plotted Extended Lunch Break To Watch NBA Finals

A Melbourne man reportedly took a two-hour lunch break today in order to catch game one of the 2014 NBA Finals.

The man, 28, arrived conspicuously early at work today in order to take care of “all the things he needed to do” before lunchtime. This proactive approach, he believed, thereby entitled him to an extended lunch break.

The man excused himself from the office at around 12:00pm and made his way to the local pub, where he consumed an overpriced chicken parmagiana and two pots of White Rabbit Ale while watching the game by himself.

“I’ve only got a week left on my three-month probationary period, but I couldn’t risk missing out on game one. This is shaping up as the biggest and most important finals series in years,” the man said.

Upon reporting back to his desk, the man is believed to have spent 15 minutes writing an article about taking a two hour lunch break to watch the game, before spending the next 15-30 minutes catching up on the news on

The man is likely to repeat this exact tactic for the remainder of the NBA Finals series.

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