‘Not Even My Best One’, says Wembley Paper Plane Exponent

The paper aeroplane that hit a Peruvian international footballer from the Wembley Stadium grandstand was mediocre and outdated, claimed maker and flinger Simon Trevallion.

Footage of the incident was captured via mobile and quickly became an internet sensation last week. Released via Youtube, the plane’s 200 odd-metre journey caused understandable rapture amongst anyone who had ever attended primary school in their life.

However Trevallion, 36, was quick to point out that the plane in question was “an old model” and that “it didn’t even have the corner bits that stick up”.

“I have made loads of better planes”, he said. “This was a standard Gulf War era model that I whipped up in about 20 seconds. You should see the other ones I’ve made.”

“Seriously. Come over and let’s play planes,” he continued.

Independent critics of the plane have been quick to highlight the thick material of the apparatus, presumably procured via the match program.

“While there is no law against paper planes made from glossy magazines, white A4 paper is the universal standard,” said Hans Hummel, Professor of Civil Engineering at Zurich University.

“Even the most dumb, disinterested Kindergarten kid knows that A4 is de rigueur.”

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