Young Kid Actually Pretty Realistic About Chances of Playing for Australia

A young cricketing prodigy has surprised everyone around him by declaring he has no real intention of playing for Australia.

The boy, 15, who opens the batting and bowling for his local representative team and boasts a “very safe pair of hands,” according to sources, is considered by everyone around him to be the ‘next big thing’.

However, the well-grounded kid, who is believed to have a “good head on his shoulders,” appears to consider cricket a ‘fun hobby’ and nothing more than that.

“There is only a handful of players contracted by Cricket Australia at any given moment. It would be a huge financial risk for me to focus on a cricketing career,” he told The Public Apology.

The boy will likely regret having not pursued a cricketing career when he hits his early 20s, a bloated, substance abuse-ridden shadow of his former self, according to relatives.

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