‘Enough is Enough’: Local Man Makes Tough Decision To ‘Unfollow’ Shane Warne

Local cricket fan Craig Farley has reportedly unfollowed his former idol Shane Warne on Instagram, with the cricketer’s torrent of cute baby animal pics forcing the issue.

In the wake of Warne’s bewildering recent decision to upload a series of photos featuring baby kangaroos, rolly-polly puppies and lions snuggling one another, Mr Farley made the difficult decision to unfollow the legendary leg-spinner’s account.

“Despite all of the scandals over the years, I’ve always remained a fan of Shane Warne, but he’s really pushed it one step too far with his latest social media posts,” Mr Farley said.

“Nobody liked the gratuitous flirting with Liz Hurley, as well as the photos of his face after the botox treatment, but I continued to support Shane and would regularly “like” many of his photos.”

“On occasions I even commented on some of his posts, although they were mainly ones concerning cricket, poker and his line of men’s underwear Spinners.”

“Warney’s had his fair share of scandals throughout his career, and I’ve stuck by him, even convincing myself of the whole phoney Mum’s diet pills story, but posting a photo of a lioness cuddling her cub with the caption ‘awwwwwww’ is one step too far.

“It’s just not cricket,” he added.

Mr Farley has refused to confirm whether he still follows Warne on Twitter and Facebook.

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