‘You Are Not Forgotten’: TPA Reaches Out To Iraqi Readership

The Public Apology has assured its burgeoning Iraqi readership that it will continue to pump out mildly amusing ramblings on Australian sport to keep their minds off the ongoing sectarian conflict.

Two Iraq-based readers – one from Baghdad and another from an undisclosed location – visited The Public Apology website in the month of June 2014, according to Google Analytics.

The Baghdad reader stayed on the TPA website for four pages, lodging an average time-per-article of 00:28 seconds.

“It’s clear that Iraqis have a strong appetite for obscure, elitist Australian sports opinion articles – and The Public Apology will continue to deliver this timely content in order to keep their minds off the ongoing sectarian conflict,” TPA founder Dave Edwards said.

A burgeoning readership
A burgeoning readership

The extremist insurgency known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria recently launched a lightning offensive across the country, with more than 2,400 Iraqis killed over the past month, according to the UN. It has reportedly led to the worst death toll since the last US troops left Iraq in 2011.

Edwards called on US president Barack Obama to hurry up and “sort this shit out in the Middle East”.

“The Iraqi market is obviously a lucrative one for TPA. The sooner he gets this centuries-old conflict sorted, the sooner we can get back to engaging Iraqi eyeballs on our content,” he added.

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