TPA Announces Short-Term Executive Changes: ‘Business as Usual’

The Public Apology has announced that senior editor Ben Shine will act as interim chief editor from 14-26th July.

In a statement filed with the Australian Securities Exchange on 8 July 2014, TPA Media Holdings (ASX: TPAMH, “The Company), announced that Shine will sit in for The Public Apology founder and chief editor, Dave J. Edwards, who is scheduled to visit China on a business development trip.

Edwards is reportedly seeking expansion opportunities in North Asia as part of the company’s previously outlined mid-term business strategy. As such, he will relinquish the domestic editorship for the month of July to focus on building key relationships in the burgeoning North Asian market.

Edwards sought to calm panicked investors by stressing that it’s “business as usual” at TPA.

“Ben Shine is one of the most professional journalists I have had the privilege to work with in my time, and I’m sure he will perform admirably over the next couple of weeks,” he said.

“Obviously this is the Asian Century – and TPA Media Holdings sees immense possibilities in China. The company is focused on tapping into this emerging market while continuing to deliver great returns to shareholders.”

Edwards stressed to investors that the company’s distribution and logistics partners remain unchanged and the content will remain strong as ever under Shine.

“We would never neglect our core business in the pursuit of new growth opportunities,” he added.

Shine will receive a ‘higher duties allowance’ commensurate with the new position, paid in full. He will also have unfettered access to publish anything he wants, which Edwards admitted was a slightly disconcerting prospect.

“I promise to uphold the traditions of The Public Apology as interim chief editor, whatever the fuck that actually means,” Shine said in a statement.

TPA Media Holdings is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with a second office located in Sydney. The Public Apology, an obscure, elitist sports website, is a wholly owned subsidiary of TPA Media Holdings.


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