Man Unable To Leave Home For Work Due To World Cup Semi Going Into Extra Time; Prepared To Accept Reprimand From Non-Football Appreciating Bosses

A football-loving man is fully prepared to incur the wrath of his bosses for coming into work late today, due to the World Cup semi-final going into over-time.

The man, 28, is currently glued to his screen watching the second half of extra time in the Netherlands v Argentina game. He is fully dressed in work attire, with his lunch packed and everything, yet has no intention of leaving the couch until the game has been decided.

Normally, the man would ‘clock on’ at 8:30am and assume a serious disposition while sitting at his desk, aimlessly tapping cells in a generic Excel spreadsheet.

However, it is now likely he will get to work somewhere around 9:45am – just in time for a crucial 10am meeting with a client.

“This is obviously going to penalties – and I don’t want to miss out on what could be a historic sporting moment,” the man said.

“I’m at peace with my decision to stay and watch the full game. If the c*nt wants to fire me over this, so be it.”

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