Leave Darius Alone

I am going to go against grain here and get behind Darius Boyd, following his rather embarrassing interview last week. He has been hammered from pillar to post for that “interview”, but I have to ask; what did Foxsports and the young lady interviewing him really expect?

This is a bloke who has made it abundantly clear he does not want to be interviewed. He, perhaps justifiably, perhaps not, has beef with the media and is far from comfortable in front of the camera at the best of times (unless when held over the top of a toilet cubicle), so why even bother?

It is all well and good to say it is because of the media that his pay packet is why he has that “extra zero” on it (as has oft’ been repeated) and I acknowledge they couldn’t pay him as much without the television deal, but it’s all relative isn’t it? The primary reason his pay packet is impressive is because he is a bloody good footballer. I assure you the Newcastle Knights did not sign him for post-match press conferences, they signed him to play rugby league.

Yes, yes, I know it’s all about the television rights these days and the games image is now deemed more important than the quality of the games itself, but what about the extra zero on that journalist’s salary? Without rugby league players, you probably don’t have a job, so maybe show them a little respect?


It's all I'm asking for
It’s all I’m asking for

It is a two way street, but unfortunately the egos of a number of sports journalists in this country have far surpassed their own relevance to the game. There are thousands of new journalists graduating every year, all more than capable of holding a microphone in front of a footballer’s face, but there aren’t too many Darius Boyd’s lacing up their boots every week I assure you.

I do not intend to solely take aim at the journalist in question however, I am sure she was just doing her job, but rugby league is not Today Tonight (although the target market may be the same) and perhaps she could have shown a bit more tact when attempting to do it? Rather than ambushing him outside his hotel room the morning after he’s had the shit beaten out of him by a bunch of grubs* from south of the border.

The continued attempts to interview him stink of pigheadedness and I can just imagine suit-wearing men, with many chins, spitting our their monkey brains as they scream “He what!? He doesn’t want to be interviewed? Doesn’t he know who we are??? Well GODDAMMIT, just interview him! And if he won’t play ball, KEEP FUCKING INTERVIEWING HIM! Now catch that monkey, boy. He’s getting away!”

Like the medium sized kid sticking up for little kid in the schoolyard**, I say to them, leave Darius alone! You big brutes! You filthy monkey-raping pedo’s! You… well, you get the picture

Big Willie “Fucking” Mason was caught saying “Get the fucking camera out of my face” after scoring a try Sunday afternoon. Willie, unlike Darius, is a bit of a media darling and little has been said of his outburst***. He was a man on a mission, it’s ok if he swore at our camera man.Well I agree wholeheartedly, but can you imagine if Darius Boyd had said this? They’d be all over him like Scott Morrison on a boat full of desperate people fleeing persecution!

So quit your hypocritical double standards Media and interview the hundreds of blokes who actually want to be in the spotlight. There are plenty of them.

 By Alasdair McClintock


* Yes, they are all grubs. All of them.

** This purely a metaphorical situation. Darius Boyd would no doubt handle himself better in a schoolyard bullying situation than I. Although I am prepared to fight dirty… In fact, I would prefer to fight dirty.

*** Nor should it be. Willie “Fucking” Mason is a legend – A fucking legend.

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