July 18, 2014

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The Public Apology founder Dave J. Edwards has put the company’s well-publicised Asian push in jeopardy after a major cultural gaffe during a meeting in China. During the high-level meeting with a major Chinese corporation, Edwards, who is currently in China representing the TPA Media Holdings Group, failed to properly exchange business cards according to…

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The Public Apology has been called many things. An esteemed online journal that takes an esoteric and contrarian look at modern sport. A poor man’s Grantland. A defamation/copyright lawyer’s paradise. All or none of the above may be true, but what is accurate is our reputation as a welcoming, convivial forum that encourages debate among our readers, as well as contributions from…

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Sydney faces its biggest bandwagoning conundrum in a generation, and boy it’s a doozy. Let me start by defending the practice of joining a bandwagon: supporting a club or team when they are successful, and dumping them when they are not. Bandwagoning, or being a Johnny Good-Times, is a product of the sporting environment in…

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