Darius Boyd Tipped to Follow Mentor Wayne Bennett to Bathroom

In a completely non-sexual and platonic display of loyalty, Newcastle Knights star Darius Boyd will follow coach Wayne Bennett’s latest move by accompanying him to the men’s bathroom.

Boyd, whose career has mirrored Bennett’s with stints at the Broncos, Dragons and Knights, is known to be very close to Bennett and has reiterated his desire to stick with the Supercoach “no matter where he is”.

A source close to the situation has told the Public Apology this loyalty extends not only to football clubs, but to traditionally private activities like using the bathroom, showering and even sleeping.

“Darius trusts Wayne, and doesn’t want to be coached by anyone else. He follows him everywhere – Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, and in this case, the lavatory,” the source said.

“This isn’t about him taking a peek at the urinal nextdoor or any funny business like that. It’s about solidarity and sticking together.

“They’re a package deal. Wherever Wayne goes, so does Darius. Even if that means holding out a towel so Wayne can dry his hands after he’s done his business,” he said.

It is unknown whether Darius plans to accompany Wayne inside the stall, or attentively wait outside by the urinals.

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