TPA Forms Strategic Alliance with Lowly Shanghai Eatery

The Public Apology has formed a strategic alliance with a lowly Shanghai eatery in order to boost brand awareness in the region.

The ‘Century Old Shop’, which serves a delicious array of authentic Chinese cuisine, is situated in an small lane near Shanghai’s Nanjing Rd, just a few hundred metres from the Huangpu River.

TPA Media Holdings will provide the Century Old Shop with written advertorials in exchange for valuable in-store publicity. Under the agreement, the obscure Chinese food outlet will also play host to all of TPA’s Shanghai-based corporate dinner events.

The Public Apology founder Dave J. Edwards, who brokered the deal this week, said that while the big corporate deals are “obviously important to us, we still see huge value in maintaining grassroots partnerships with local industry.”

In China, most business is conducted in high-end restaurants
In China, most business is conducted in high-end restaurants

Edwards said he was attracted to the Century Old Shop because the restaurant owner was “surly as fuck,” and the service was so undeniably shit.

TPA is an obscure contrarian publication – and the Centurions are also a bunch of obscure contrarians. They don’t give a fuck for customer service, but the product is still top quality. And that’s why we’re partnering with them,” he added.

“I actually went to pay for the meal with a credit card, but the old lady hostess just shook her head and extended her hand, the international symbol for ‘cash only, champ’. That’s the kind of real talk I’m all about.”

Edwards said that the lady actually got his order wrong no less than three times.

“On one occasion, she pulled a meal from me mid-spoonful – only to give it (half-eaten) to another customer,” he said.

Service with a smile
Service with a smile

“But the food is actually really fucking good – and our articles are really fucking good too. I also really liked that they didn’t judge me when I ordered three Tsingtaos at 9am before a meeting.”

“It’s incredible how few fucks are given in China. It’s a perfect fit for TPA right now.”

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