July 2014

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I believe it was Kierkegaard who said “once you label me, you negate me”. I only know that because of that great scene in Wayne’s World, but there’s a whole lotta truth to it. I’m about to talk expansively and with misguided conviction about the whole Ian Thorpe thing, in case you can’t see where I’m…

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Mere days after being handed the reins of The Public Apology, interim chief editor Ben Shine has signalled a change of  direction for the esteemed online journal. The pivot includes an aggressive push for online market share through the publication of clickbait articles, the exploration of a lucrative corporate partnership with the NBL and an exclusive online advertising partnership with…

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Four years ago, LeBron James left his family to “buy a packet of smokes” and never returned.* Like a father escaping overwhelming domestic demands and frustration over his inability to put food on the table for his family (a championship), James’ simply skipped town on Cleveland. And like any good mid-life crisis, LeBron’s abandonment coincided…

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