TPA Continues North Asian Offensive with Japan Trip

Given that The Public Apology now has a presence in several Asian markets, it is important to distinguish the various customs in each territory in order to do business. Indeed, one must seek to master the art of non-verbal Japanese communication…

As you may already know, The Public Apology is seeking to penetrate North Asian markets as part of an aggressive expansion strategy.

TPA founder Dave J. Edwards is currently in Tokyo negotiating a number of business deals with Japanese prospectives. In order to do so, Edwards recently undertook an intensive cultural education class on business etiquette – specifically, the art of apologetic bowing.

In Japan, one must choose an appropriate apology that is proportional to the degree of guilt. The person must convey this guilt through various bows, the extent of which will vary depending on the type of bow (i.e. a 90 degree bow is more serious than a quick 30 degree bow, and so forth).

Of course, given that this website is founded upon the great art of the public apology, we are well equipped to handle such sensitive communication matters. Please see below for a YouTube clip that explains all the subtle nuances of bowing in Japan.*

By staff writers

* No cultural insensitivity is intended here. We have great respect for the traditions of all our North Asian neighbours.

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