The Lost Episode: TPA Live Episode 7

BREAKING: Lost TPA Live episodes found

— Play here: TPA Live Episode 7: The Lost Episode —

A lost TPA Live episode recorded by Pez and Dave has been found on an old, heavy laptop by a close accomplice and will appear immediately on, sources said today.

The rediscovered episode, allegedly titled The Western Condition Has Fucked Sport, was recorded ‘sometime in mid August 2014’, a spokesperson for the media holdings company said.

The episode is to be released immediately by TPA Live, the radio arm of the Sydney/Melbourne publishing giant TPA Media Holdings.

According to reports, the seventh episode of the fledgling podcast disappeared in the private collection of senior editor ‘Pez’ after the presenter ‘legged it overseas’.

Perry, who recorded the episode with fellow presenter Dave, found it some weeks later on his laptop, unpublished.

Perry said he was pleased the recording finally will be heard by fans. He and Dave apparently ‘get deep about Rugby League’ and ‘generally lament the Australian Wallabies’, he said earlier.

“At 38:18, it is the longest, loosest and most obscure recording to date”, Perry added.

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