TPA Editorial Team Riff on Page 3 Colour Yarn

Today the Geelong Advertiser printed a lovely little yarn about a bride-to-be who is set to play in a D Grade netball grand final less than three hours before she ties the knot.

This story, on Page 3 no less, drew the attention of The Public Apology’s Dave J. Edwards and Ben Shine. While the original headline (see below) wasn’t bad, Shine and Edwards came up with a few alternatives of their own. Read on for more.



DAVE J. EDWARDS: BREAKING: Woman Does Two Things In One Day

BEN SHINE: Haha, you should tweet that…

Got any other ideas for alternative headlines? Let’s brainstorm.

DE: Woman Marries Pitbull After Netball Grand Final

BS: Alex Perry Saves Woman From Flying Netball

DE: Woman Marries Closeted Sydney Fashion Designer

BS: Alex Perry: “I told you I wasn’t gay. Here’s a woman and sport to prove it.”

BS: Man Interrupts Netball Game, Suplexes Goal Attack

DE: Man Inexplicably Wears Suit While Spooning Woman From Standing Position

Is this an article? Are we writing an article here?

BS: Innovative First Nuptial Dance Incorporates Use of Netball

BS: Goal Defence Forgets Netball Uniform, Plays Aggressively and in a Suit

DE: Beach Backdrop Adds Further Incongruity to Already Baffling Photo Shoot

The obscure text message exchange
The obscure text message exchange

BS: Perhaps we are writing an article. Haha, why are they at the beach?

DE: Woman’s Catching Technique a Concern in Lead-up to Final

BS: Goal Defence Takes Coaches’ Instruction To ‘Get Up Opponent’s Ass’ Literally

DE: I think we are writing an article…

BS: Giant Couple Saves Woman From Falling Netball

That escalated quickly…

DE: Man Set To Employ Bogan-esque ‘Sunglasses on Head with Suit’ Combo at Weekend Nupitals

BS: Bride Reveals Horror at Maroon Wedding Dress

DE: Haha!

What do I title this proposed post?

BS: TPA Editorial Team Riff on Page 3 Colour Yarn?

DE: Done.

*  *  *  *  *  *

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