October 2014

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Paul Gallen is the human representation of the NRL. If he is depressed, it means Rugby League is also depressed. Rugby league has been showing classic signs of depression for years. It has been having trouble remaining interested in daily life. It no longer enjoys once pleasurable activities such as international football – it’s simply…

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I have a close friend named Toby who, at the age of ten, switched his allegiance from one English football side to another. To this day, the now 30-year-old is regularly ribbed by his mates for this innocent act of childhood naivety. I didn’t even know Toby when he was ten, but that hasn’t stopped me…

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Have you ever been brushing your teeth in the middle of October, scratching your bum while looking in the mirror, and suddenly thought to yourself: “Holy fuck, it’s footy season! I should be on the couch, taking in a relatively unimportant fixture!” Well no, you probably haven’t.* BUT HOLD YOUR HORSES NOW, MOTHERFUCKER! Because this is now…

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