Sequel to ‘Drunk Girls of the Melbourne Cup’ to Feature the Real Face of Racing: Destitute, Bankrupt Old Men

On the back of their success with “Drunk Girls of the Melbourne Cup“, the creators of the popular Instagram account are launching a new project to highlight the drunken antics of racegoers on the other 51 weeks of the year.

Tentatively titled “Destitute Old Men Losing Money At The Track”, the account will feature photographs of more traditional punters at the races – depressed, old men with nothing better in their lives but to fritter away their savings in a futile attempt to predict the outcome of horse races that are mostly pre-determined by organised betting syndicates.

“People getting pissed and acting up at the races is just so funny – it’s something everybody can relate to,” co-founder Tim Simmons said.

“So we thought, if it works for chicks in frocks, people will also find it funny to see someone resembling their grandfather lying prone on the ground drunk, having pissed himself and lost all his money on a bad tip.

“Drunk girls at the Melbourne Cup is funny, but it doesn’t really represent what racing is: old guys getting drunk, losing their money and blindly facilitating organised crime through money laundering.

“It may not be glamorous but this is the real face of racing,” he said.

By staff writers.

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