AUDIO: The Ian Higgins Show Featuring TPA’s Dave Edwards, 20/11/14

The Ian Higgins Show featuring TPA’s Dave J. Edwards is back!

This week, the lads discuss:

  • Who will captain Australia if Michael Clarke fails to pass a fitness test for the first test v India?
  • Does Steve Smith most resemble a piglet, a lizard, or some unidentifiable amphibious creature?
  • Mahendra Singh (M.S.) Dhoni’s elegant early-career hair, and Shane Watson’s side-part (always right-to-left)
  • The decline of our Socceroos since 2006 – and the recent rise of the A-League: a strange inverse equation
  • Is Roger Federer’s wife, Mirka, a sociopathic instigator, or a homely, motherly type best known for her cooking?

And much more.

Listen in below for plenty of ridiculous banter between two blokes who should know better.


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