Who Will Be the Next Captain of Australia? A TPA Series

Like a going to the doctor with a suspicious cough after your recent holiday to Sierra Leone, the make-up of the Australian Test side is enveloped by feelings of fear and uncertainty.

Much of this uncertainty stems from the questions marks over the fitness of one Michael John Clarke (c).

With Clarke’s place in the side, and future in the game, in doubt due to a series of recurring hamstring/back injuries, there has been much speculation as to who should take his place as the next Captain of Australia.

The Public Apology has strong opinions on cricket, and this extends to the issue of succession planning for the second most powerful position in Australia (behind Gina Rinehart the Prime Minister).

Over the next week we will run the rule the potential candidates. We will weigh up their strong attributes, their faults but mostly will just make baseless character assessments to determine Who Will Be the Next Captain of Australia.

Strap yourselves in, because this could get defamatory.

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