The Ian Higgins Show featuring TPA’s Dave J. Edwards

This week on the IH Show, Higgins and Edwards discuss all things cricket, including:

  • The early report card on new Test captain Steve Smith
  • The decline of sporting dynasties – and how this generation thrives on change, whether it be iPhones, careers, or relationships
  • How new sporting coaches are similar to CEOs, setting overly ambitious five-year turnaround strategies in order to secure their tenure for a lengthy period of time
  • The possibility of chance – and how this relates to circuiting
  • The Boxing Day test match preparations
  • Who the fuck is Joe Burns?
  • Why Shane Watson just does enough, but wouldn’t grab you a takeaway latte from the cafe

And much more, including an absurd promo at the end for Sydney radio station Triple H, 100.1 FM. Click the audio file below and listen in if you want to.

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