The Public Apology Re-launches TPA Live Podcast

The Public Apology’s dedicated podcast, TPA Live, is set for an imminent re-launch in 2015, the firm has announced.

Meanwhile, TPA founder and chief editor, Dave Edwards, says that 2015 is shaping up as a critically important period for the self-styled sports platform – with plenty of major announcements on the cards over the next few months.

In a statement filed with the Australian Securities Exchange on 6 February 2015, TPA Media Holdings* (ASX: TPAM. “The Company”) announced that hosts Dave Edwards and Sam Perry had signed on for a new season of the long-awaited podcast.

TPA Live was put on an indefinite hiatus when Perry, senior editor of The Public Apology, embarked on a four-month trans-atlantic voyage with his fiancée, Tori.

Perry’s triumphant return marks a fresh start for the reinvigorated podcast, according to TPA founder and chief editor Edwards.

“We had our first hit-out last night and it felt good. You can expect a more relaxed podcast this time around. We’re a bit more comfortable about who we are and what we represent,” Edwards said.

“[Perry] has a lot of great anecdotes from his travels, including plenty of stuff about Rome, viticulture and the Berlin art scene. I’m really looking forward to seeing these esoteric references come through in our discussions about domestic sport.”

TPA Media Holdings has been trading since 2011, when Edwards drunkenly launched the flagship website,, on a complete whim, having conducted zero market research.

“Like all start-ups, it’s taken a while to get going. But we’ve really got the foundations in place now to make a play for a larger slice of the international sports consumer market,” Edwards said.

“This is just the first of many announcements you can expect this year from TPA Media Holdings,” he added.

Since 2011, The Public Apology has published some 500 entertaining posts across a wide range of sporting subjects. The site has made a name for itself based on its taste for self-indulgent analogies and relentless flip-flopping on issues.

“Social media engagement is up 10-fold in the past 12 months, and we’re in the middle of launching a dedicated hosting site for TPA Live, which we will look to leverage through our home page,” Edwards said.

“Basically, we are doing everything we can to strengthen our market position as the alternative voice on sport.  We’re a cult indie blog. Basically, we are to sport what Double J was to Australian music audiences in the mid 1970s.”

“What’s more, we’re not about to get all mainstream and risk-averse like Triple J, with their generic Gen Y presenters, pre-programmed set-lists and folktronica falsetto bullshit. Our reporters are edgy as fuck – and we’re committed to staying as niche as possible,” he added.

— ends —

TPA Media Holdings is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with a second office located in Sydney. The Public Apology, an obscure, elitist sports website, is a wholly owned subsidiary of TPA Media Holdings.

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