Melbourne Corporate Guy Begrudgingly Accepts Free Box Tickets to State of Origin

A Melbourne banker has begrudgingly accepted a brace of highly sought after box tickets to tonight’s State of Origin clash at the MCG.

Andrew Robertson, 35, was gifted the free corporate tickets from a client, as a token of appreciation for their long-standing business cooperation.

Upon receiving the tickets, Robertson – a Xavier alumni and Melbourne Demons member – was seen to cringe awkwardly before eventually composing himself to thank the client.

“He had this weird grimace on his face which said ‘shit, I actually have to go to this thing?'” one colleague told The Public Apology.

“Later, he asked me whether I wanted to go in his place, but there’s no fucking way you’re getting me to go watch a game of rugby league.”

Tonight’s match is expected to attract in excess of 85,000 spectators. Out of this figure, around 500 spectators are likely to be unenthusiastic Melbourne elites watching from corporate boxes, making snide remarks about the low-brow nature of rugby league.

“Honestly, I would much rather go home, flick on AFL 360 and listen to Gerard Whateley and Mark ‘Robbo’ Robinson discuss the big ins and outs for this weekend’s fixtures,” Robertson told TPA.

“Anyway, hopefully it’s a blow-out and I can leave by the third quarter.”

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