June 2015

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He was one of the fiercest competitors the game has ever known. A hard tackling and ruthless player who made a career out of tasking risks, which more often than not, paid off handsomely. In his prime he was all-powerful and almost all-conquering. Like a fox, he was equal parts cunning and intimidating. At times he…

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Apparently Sepp Blatter resigned from FIFA the other day. Apparently he finally put his hands up, admitted he was an evil bastard and restored order, peace and democracy* to world football’s governing body. Except that he didn’t. Instead, old Sepp just Frank Underwooded us big time. Like the fictional US President from TV’s House of…

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Daly Cherry-Evans you are a scoundrel. A selfish, money-grabbing scoundrel. How else can you explain your actions in reneging last minute on your deal with the Gold Coast Titans? I’m not even angry. Just disappointed. If I were a Titans fan I would probably be livid with rage. Painting the walls of Burleigh Bowls with…

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