NBL Targets Nostalgic, Extremely Niche Market With Early 90s-Themed Rebrand

The National Basketball League has unveiled its new-look logo in a bid to re-engage nostalgic hoops fans ahead of the upcoming 2015-16 season.

With its bold font and Clip Art-style ‘basketball’ image, the NBL is hoping to tap adult males between the age of 29 and 32, who can kinda remember the NBL during its heyday, according to an NBL spokesperson.

“These males can vaguely recall players like Dwayne ‘D-Train’ McLain, Dean Uthoff, Leroy Loggins and Lanard Copeland,” he told The Public Apology.

“They can’t actually remember what position these guys played, who they were or what they looked like, but they remember lots of buzz about the NBL back then, so it must have been good.”

This demographic of young, white males have recently re-discovered their love of everything American, be that southern-fried chicken wings, Sierra Nevada, and the NBA playoffs (when LeBron’s playing).

“We’ve done our research and we know these white males have disposable income. We hope this “wing-eating” market – that’s a market research term – will help boost ticket sales by 100% this season,” the spokesperson added.

Wing-eating market set to double NBL ticket sales in 2015-16
Wing-eating demographic to double NBL ticket sales in 2015-16

Adrian Brumby, 30, said that he’s “really excited about this latest rebrand.”

“The block lettering and white/orange colour palate is exactly what I needed to shake me from my 20-year long indifference to domestic basketball,” he told TPA.

“It’s only the 27th time the NBL has rebranded since 1995, but this is the best one yet. I think I’m finally ready to commit to attending one Kings game per season. I’ll go eat dinner in Chinatown before hand and make a night of it.”

“Unless there’s a work thing on,” he added.

When told that Brumby planned on attending one game this season, the NBL spokesperson silently punched the air in jubilation.

“Honestly, you’ve made my week. That’s about the best we could have hoped for,” he said.

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